Pictures of Whimsy

What is Pictures of whimsy all about? Costume Costumes? Unique Photo concepts? Making art? Maybe its about all of it!!!! The possibilities are endless...

I love photography! What else can I say about it. I was classically trained in fine arts and now I am constantly evolving my photography to elevate my photos to art. This is something I expect to take me an entire lifetime but things that are really worth it usually do.

My idea of a perfect photo shoot is to take time discussing what the client is looking for as well as sharing my ideas. I do not like set time limits. Sometimes babies do not cooperate or kids just are not in the mood so I like to take the time to give people a chance to feel comfortable. Lets face it if people are unhappy it comes out in the photos and who does that really benefit?  I shoot until I get the shots. If someone is paying me for portraits I am not stopping until I have captured that moment. You know it Instantly when you see it. These are the photos that stand the test of time. They make a family happy or a person feel beautiful. So a perfect shoot to me is the one that is relaxed, low key and we have fun shooting until those magic moments are forever frozen in time.  

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